Autumn in the forest

The dark forest floor shrouded in chilly autumn mist has its own enchanted fairytale like sensation to it. Little flickers of rare sunlight spotlighting a damp micro world teeming with life that thrive on highly nutrient decaying organic matter.


f/5.6-8 1/4s
f/8 1s

Developer: Caffenol-C-L 20°C/68°f


Ezzie said...

Very Nice Bo, this and the Haväng picture. I can't remember seing smoother tonal gradation. Really makes me want to consider LF.

FiatluX - Optimistic Illusions said...

Thanks Eirik :)
I can only recommend it, it does have its own slow magic, like in a 2 hour drive plus 15 min walk for 4 exposures! Have you tried the Fomapan 200 yet, it has awesome tonality imo.

Gonçalo Matias said...

Hello there. Because Adox stopped with the old emulsion, I bought a box of 4x5 Fomapan 100 to use with my wooden Pinhole camera. I've been using the dip and dunk processing for a while, with Rodinal (1 litre each session). Because I want to be more ecological and I have been using caffenol CL for a while in 35mm, What is the method and time used by you with Fomapan

Bo Sibbern-Larsen said...

Hi, I develop FomaPan 100 @ boxspeed for 55 minutes in Caffenol C-L, in a Combiplan with 5 minutes presoak:

"Continuous gentle agitation for the first 30 secs
Then 3 inversions @ 1 -2-4-8-16-and 32 minute markers
Then let it stand for the remaining time."

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